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Benefits of Space Maintainers for Children

Has your child lost a baby tooth early due to dental decay? Has your child’s dentist recommended getting a space maintainer? What is a space maintainer? A space maintainer is a dental appliance that dentists or orthodontists can make for their patients. For children, the space maintainer is a common appliance that is made when a baby tooth is extracted due to dental decay. The space maintainer preserves the space …Read More

Don’t Delay Treatment for Dental Disease

Does your child need dental work? Are you scared, unsure or nervous about the dental work your child needs? Visiting the dentist can be overwhelming for you and your child, especially if your child has dental disease such as caries, cavities or other disease. But you shouldn’t wait to get the work completed. Dental disease only gets worse over time. When your child has active dental issues, the dentist may …Read More