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Flossing and Its Many Benefits

Child Flossing Teeth Decrease Cavities and Bad Breath

Do you want to help your child have a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums? Make sure he knows how to floss and he completes the task every day.

Introducing floss to children at an early age is very beneficial.  The younger they are introduced to floss, the more likely they are to establish flossing as part of their everyday routine.

Flossing is very important since it targets the areas where tooth brushes are unable to reach.

There are many benefits to flossing, including:

  • Cleans bacteria and trapped food between teeth
  • Decreases bad breath by removing odor-causing bacteria
  • Reduces dental caries, tooth aches and gum disease

Statistics show that one in eight adults in the U.S. has some type of gum disease. Flossing is an important step in keeping your child’s gums healthy.

Your child may need a little extra help to make flossing fun and easy. There are several tools, like floss picks, that children can use.

There are a variety of floss picks from which children can choose, including ones with their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters on them.

If your child still needs a little extra encouragement, you can create stories while he flosses. For example, you can tell your child that flossing helps to get rid of the “bad guys” on his teeth.

Whatever tool or technique works best for your child, be sure to make flossing a daily habit so your child can have the best dental health throughout his life.

If your child is due for a regular dental cleaning and exam, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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