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Don’t Delay Treatment for Dental Disease

Does your child need dental work? Are you scared, unsure or nervous about the dental work your child needs?

Visiting the dentist can be overwhelming for you and your child, especially if your child has dental disease such as caries, cavities or other disease.

But you shouldn’t wait to get the work completed. Dental disease only gets worse over time.

When your child has active dental issues, the dentist may present you with a treatment plan. The treatment plan is a very important tool in correcting the problem and restoring your child’s dental health.

Your child’s dentist, after reviewing x-rays and performing a complete oral examination, will create a treatment plan specifically for your child.

The treatment plan consists of several factors, including:

  • A review of your child’s medical and dental history
  • A review of your child’s behavior to treatment
  • Overall review and recommended treatment options

The dental history review is called a Caries Risk Assessment, which is the determination of the likelihood of the incidence of caries during a certain time period or the likelihood that there will be a change or activity of lesions already present. The risks are categorized as either low, moderate or high.

Your child’s behavior is also very important because it determines how his/her next appointment should be scheduled.  If your child requires special attention, we usually recommend your child come in for a morning appointment. Children are usually more cooperative in the morning than in the evening since they are more prone to be tired at the end of the day.

Our pediatric dentist will finally conduct an overall review of your child’s dental health, behavior and other factors in recommending the right treatment options for your child. For example, there are options like sedation, general anesthesia, or even nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that your child might need.  Not all of these options can be given at a regular dental office, so you may need to visit a hospital or outpatient surgery center.

When it comes to correcting dental disease, time is of the essence. Don’t delay treatment!

It is critical to follow up on the treatment plan until completion. If left untreated, dental disease only gets worse. Cavities grow and spread to other teeth. Eventually, something will break, hurt, swell or cause pain, and then it will be much harder to get the work done.

We want to provide your child with a lifetime of dental health, and it has to start with stopping the disease process now.

Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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